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Vehicle Diagnostics | Morgantown Wv Auto Repair ShopThe expert technicians of South Park Service Center in Morgantown, WV, utilize the latest in advanced automotive technology to successfully diagnose computer-related and mechanical issues. Vehicle diagnostics provide invaluable information to the mechanics in assessing which systems and components require further inspection and possible repair. Additionally, when vehicle diagnostics are implemented as part of a maintenance service appointment, previously overlooked or unseen problems can be detected before major expensive repairs are required. If you are experiencing issues with your vehicle, it is time to have the expert automotive team of South Park Service Center hook your domestic or import vehicle up to our vehicle diagnostics computer.

Vehicle diagnostics include the use of diagnostic equipment, testing, and the visual inspection of the technician. For example, a diagnostic scan tool is connected your vehicle in order to retrieve information stored by a vehicle. Once connected to the vehicle’s computer, the diagnostic equipment receives what are referred to as diagnostic fault codes or diagnostic trouble codes. These codes are generated when a vehicle’s on-board computer has discovered a detectable malfunction. While these codes can point to a specific system or circuit in which there is a probable malfunction, diagnostic scan tools fail to identify the exact component or part that is the issue. It requires a combination of diagnostic tools, visual inspections, testing and the extensive experience of a highly trained technician to diagnose a problem and arrive at a solution to repair a vehicle.

Morgantown WV Vehicle Diagnostics & Repair

At South Park Service Center in Morgantown, WV, our certified technicians are trained to perform an array of diagnostic steps to successfully diagnose any and all issues with your car or truck. Schedule a diagnostics appointment today by calling (304) 777-4390. If you are seeking a thorough inspection of your vehicle, there is no other automotive center that is better equipped or more expertly staffed than South Park Service Center!

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