At South Park Service Center we strive to provide quality care for our customers. Sometimes, that means listening to feedback, and addressing issues that may raise concern. As any other shop, we do our best to offer reliable services at competitive prices, but we also dedicate time to reviewing some of your suggestions. If you are looking for reliable automotive repair services, look no further! We are the right shop for you. Contact us toady for more information, or to setup an appointment in our Morgantown Auto Repair Shop (304) 292-4390. Learn more about us and the opinions of our clients by click on the image below to visit our Google+ page!

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Nice honest people that really try to help you out – William Thim

This is one great auto repair! These guys know how to provide not only excellent whole auto repair, but also can take excellent care of tire & alignment. I highly recommend these guys and their tire & alignment. – Jim Goforgh

I had some auto repair work completed here a while back. I have not been to South Park Service Center since but I always share with friends and family about going to South Park Service Center because it is an excellent local business. -Paul Foulks

When my car started gushing oil I called 2 other shops and was told they couldn’t handle what they thought the problem might be. Luckily I called South Park Service Center and they told me they’d look at it as soon as I could get it there. Within minutes the mechanic diagnosed the problem, they ordered the necessary part and I had an estimate FAR lower than I had expected. Instead of having my car in the shop for a few days I had it back and running as good as ever within hours. The service was outstanding as was the staff. If I ever have any more problems with my car they will have my business and I’d highly recommend them to my family, friends or anyone else needing repair work done. Again outstanding service all the way around. -Mike Davies

They treat you like a fellow human that can be trusted and respected, like a neighbor. They didn’t even treat me less honorably for my out of state plates (does happen sometimes). I came here for the good reviews and the walkability and am completely satisfied. Not only did they help me with a misfire and mysterious catalytic converter issue but let me drive off with new spark plugs without charging since they trusted I would be back to pay for them in the future. I’ll be back often. -Emily Carlson

This is the “go to” place in Morgantown, WV for auto repairs. I have had three recent opportunities to work with South Park Service Center this past year with my son’s 2000 Volvo V70. My son is a student at WVU. We live in Rochester, NY so finding a trusting place to do car repairs is very important.

My first experience working with South Park was in November 2014 when I was visiting my son. The driver side window suddenly would not go down, and when two other garages would not take the car, we were directed to South Park. South Park immediately took the car in and within a short period of time had the window repaired. Great service and reasonably priced. The second experience came in January 2015 when my son drove the car from Rochester to Morgantown after the holiday break and then the next day could not get the car started. He had the car towed to South Park. They did a very thorough review of the car and quickly determined the problem. They then worked with me on resolving the issue, including calling several places to find the needed part. We spoke on the phone several times, and each time they were great to work with. When I thought the car was headed to the junk yard, they fixed it! The third experience happened earlier this week when, again, I was visiting my son and his car would not start on a cold morning at our hotel. After waiting on the phone with AAA for over an hour, I decided to call South Park. They immediately sent someone over to our hotel, arriving within 15 minutes on a snowy day, and jumped my son’s car. We later discovered that the back lights on the car were not shutting off, causing the battery to drain. South Park took the car right in and, on a very busy day, and fixed the car right away without charge.

I have worked with a lot of garages over the years, and this stands out among all the rest. Victoria, who works at the front desk and who I dealt with on all of my repairs, is exceptional at her job. She went above and beyond to see that I understood the work that was being done and that I was happy. She is very customer service friendly. The guys in the garage are equally great and did an excellent job getting the work done in a timely manner.

Our son is a senior this year and will be leaving Morgantown in May. I will certainly miss the opportunity of working with South Park and their great service. I put my trust in South Park, and I was not disappointed. Thank you! -Scott Hooker, Rochester, NY

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